Kyoto Japan Videos: Daruma-dera Temple Setsubun Festival

Daruma-dera Temple Setsubun Festival

Monday, February 16, 2015

This is Setsubun Festival of Daruma-dera Temple in Kyoto.
Daruma-dera Temple is quiet temple usually. However, here is crowded with a lot of people in the Setsubun Festival.

usual Daruma's situation >>

【What's the Setsubun?】

From the first Setsubun means the turn of the season.
In Japan, there are four seasons. Setsubun means boundary between the spring and winter at the present time.
That day is February 3rd.

Tradition says Oni appear in the turn of the season.
Oni is a frightening monster of Japan. Oni is also a symbol of  bad things and terrible things and strong ones.

At the Setsubun Festival, Event for drive out the Oni take place in various parts of Japan.

【Setsubun Festival in Daruma-dera Temple】

Red ones that are stuck in a temple gate is old Dharma charm.

Ordinary, Event for drive out the Oni take place at the Setsubun Festival.
However, In the Daruma temple, visitors write a wish to amulets and paste on tha daruma.
Visitors entrust a wish to Daruma.

Darumas received everyone's wishes with their whole body.

On this day Darumas are displayed in the verandah of the main hall.

Folding screens of Daruma which  is usually not exhibited to the public are also displayed.

This folding screen is quite interesting.

Facial hair is very long

Old Lady Daruma

Old Lady Daruma2

Woeful face

Like a comic character

Until the very end, Oni does not come out.

No problem about it.

Daruma is the leading role at any time.
That is the Daruma-dera Temple.

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