Kyoto Japan Videos: January 2015

Doves in Rokkaku-do Kyoto Japan 4K Video with FDR-AX100

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Speaking of Rokkakudo is doves.
There is the written oracle that is known as "written oracle of dove".
(Pottery birds are arranged in the bottom of the video thumbnail. That is pigeon fortune. So Cute!!)

Real doves is a lot than the number of people who are in the precincts.
They are always running around freely precincts.

When you are praying, doves will flapping noisily or says "po po po po po" in your behind.
It is not uncommon.

When you are praying with your eyes closed, you might be stepped on the foot to doves.
It is not uncommon too. Let's pray without worrying.

Feed to the doves is prohibited in many shrines and temples, but Rokkaku-do is allowed to feed to the doves.
Feed of doves is sold in the precincts.

However, it is not cute feeding such as little birds pecking for feed.

In this way, it will be in the state without the called only with chaos.

However, the momentum of doves seeking feed are far beyond your imagination. Doves will come riding to the top of the head freely.

If you want to fully contact, let's equipped with clothes you can get dirty and mask and cap.

When looking at the plump doves, I am jealous of doves because they looks fun and got the feeding. but....

The feeding too large for the mouth, force to eat → strange face....

Stepped on....

Kicked the head....

Look closely, doves society is also tough.

Rokkaku-do (Choho-ji Temple) Kyoto Japan 4K Video with FDR-AX100

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rokkaku-do (Choho-ji Temple) is located in the middle of Kyoto that is lined with buildings.
It is close to the Nishiki market.

Its formal name is Choho-ji.
Than formal name, it is popular in the name of "Rokkakudo" after the hexagonal Hondo (main temple building).

There is the building right beside this temple.
One of the three Elevator in the building is the observation elevator.
This picture is the main temple visible from there.You'll look better that roof is hexagonal.

【Temple that is faith from common people from a long time ago】

The history of Rokkakudo is old.
It is said, this temple was founded by Prince Shotoku in Asuka period.
This temple was encountered 18 times of disaster just can confirm.
However,  common people have been revived each time.

There are many traditions about Rokkaku-do.
I will introduce one of the famous tradition.

When Heian-kyo is was built, Rokkakudo was likely to destroy.
At that time, the hall has moved 15 meters on their own.

The reason that there is a lot of traditions, I think this temple has been faith in people from the old days.

【The birthplace of Ikenobo school of flower arrangement】

Rokkaku-do is the birthplace of Ikenobo school of flower arrangement.

Priest of Rokkakudo was equipped with a flower in the morning and evening.
How to arrange flowers is very great, it was spread to people.
This is the beginning of the Japanese flower arrangement.

【Feel free to visit】

It is a temple that you can feel free to visit during break time of work or middle of a walk and other time.

Kyoto Station Sky Japan 4K Video FDR-AX100

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It is the sky that is visible from JR Kyoto Station.
I made this video in timelapse style.

Sky is visible from some places of the building, it is a strange feeling.
Looking up from the grand staircase, skies overhead, the sky reflected on the wall, empty except from the gap, you will be able to discover a lot of sky.

Conveyor belt sushi Happy!!!!! Kyoto Japan 4K Video SONY FDR-AX100

Sunday, January 18, 2015


I love Conveyor belt sushi!!!!!!!!

Conveyor belt sushi is great !! because you can enjoy a lot of food little by little, without worrying about the etiquette, Moreover delicious!!!!!!!!!

In 1500 yen, no place to another that can become so much happiness!!!!!!!!

Here is the sushi, but Iberian pork bowl (rice covered with pork) is extremely delicious!!!!!!!!
Of course, sushi is also veryveryvery tasty!!!!!!!!

All happy, it is Conveyor belt sushi!!!!!!!!

Bat Kyoto City Zoo Japan 4K SONY FDR-AX100

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This is the Indian Flying Fox in Kyoto City Zoo.
As the name suggests, They are pretty big, looks scary at first glance.
But, big round eyes are very cute if you look closely.
Staple food is fruit. They don't suck blood.
If you meet on the road, it is safe.

India flying fox is so visible eye but can not recognize the surroundings with ultrasound like a small bat.
They're licking the body, because the lower the body temperature.
After licking the body, evaporate the moisture by sends the wind with the wings.

Heian-jingu Shrine New Year's Day Kyoto Japan 4K SONY FDR-AX100

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This is the Heian-jingu Shrine in Kyoto 2015 New Year's Day.
Time is around noon.The weather was still fine.
But, the mountain that looks to the other side of the torii gate had piled up snow.
Gagaku (court music of ancient Japan) was played at the precincts.
There has a bright and elegant atmosphere in the solemnity.

Kyoto Yasaka-jinja Shrine New Year's Day Japan 4K SONY FDR-AX100

Friday, January 9, 2015

This is the Yasaka-jinja Shrine in Kyoto 2015 New Year's Day.
This day, it snowed heavily in the evening, but it is sunny in the morning.

Here is the second largest in Kyoto to visit to Hatsumode.
(Hatsumode means to the first visit to a shrine for the year.)
But, Around 9:00 is less people. I could pray without waiting.
I could see leisurely the lovely votive picture of sheep.

It was early in the morning, but the stalls were open.

Food and Lucky charm, games, etc. There are a lot of various shops.
What I like is the mask!

Pikachu! ! ! ! cute! ! ! !

Kyoto Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine Japan 4K SONY FDR-AX100

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nishiki Tenman-gu Shrine is located on the Shinkyogoku-dori Street. There is the east end of the Nishiki market.
Mark is "a lot of lantern" and"Torii gate that penetrating through the walls of the building".
This torii gate was built in 1935.
In those days, the road width of the approach with torii gate were large than the current.
However, both sides of the land of torii is acquisition, building was built, it became current state.
Tip of Torii gate without broken, it is in the building.

Precinct is not widely, but many fun attractions include.
There is Nade-ushi (the rubbing cow), Omikuji(oracle written) machine, picture-story show,Famous water of Kyoto "Nishiki no mizu", and Center of this torii gate is the form of a mountain, called the "Nune-Torii".
Not only the people who visit the shrine is not extinct, some people come to draw the Famous water of Kyoto "Nishiki no mizu" that springs in the precincts.

Snow Kyoto Gyoen National Garden Japan 4K SONY FDR-AX100

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It is Kyoto Gyoen National Garden morning of January 3, 2015.

The first avenue is Karasuma-dori Street.
It is unusual for heavy traffic road is so white.

When Passing through the gates, pure white snow is illuminated in the morning sun, it was shining as far as the eye can see.

This snow was record snowfall.
It might be quite ahead to see this scene to the next chance.

Snow melts in the morning sun, I felt regret.

Snow Kyoto Imperial Palace Japan 4K SONY FDR-AX100

Monday, January 5, 2015

It is Kyoto Kyoto Imperial Palace morning of January 3, 2015.

The snow fall and melt is sparkling illuminated in morning sun, It was very beautiful.

I had a talk with just older person who had come for a walk.
She was also said, "I have never seen piled so many snow".

But, in the afternoon, many of the snow had melted away.
I can be visited here in the morning, I'm really lucky.

It is Mt. Daimonji-yama to the east.
There is the Daimonji at the white triangle of mountain surface.

Hatsumode Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine Snow Kyoto Japan 4K SONY FDR-AX100

Saturday, January 3, 2015

I went to Hatsumode to Kyoto Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine.

Hatsumode means to the first visit to a shrine or temple for the year.
Many Japanese people visit a shrine or temple during the first three days of January, pray that the year will be happy.

I visited there in the afternoon of the next day when snow fell, but was still snow.
Snow piled up on the branches looked like a flower.

So beautiful!

Kyoto Nijo Castle Snow Drive Japan 4K SONY FDR-AX100

Friday, January 2, 2015

I went to the first shrine visit of the New Year so It is New Year's Day today.
Snow has been falling on the way home.

At that time, I was just passing through the neighborhood of Nijo Castle, and tried to shoot the drive video.

Nijo Castle is a place hedge and green of pine is beautiful, but was gray scenery just like ink painting today.

Round of Nijo Castle is about 1.8km.
Here is a great jogging and walking course.

Happy New Year! 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year!
 I wish you all the best for this year.