Kyoto Japan Videos: Daruma-dera Temple - many many Daruma doll- 

Daruma-dera Temple - many many Daruma doll- 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

In Kyoto, There is the temple called Daruma-dera Temple.
The official name is "Horin-ji Temple" but commonly known as Daruma-dera Temple is even more famous than Horin-ji Temple.

(There is one more  "Horin-ji Temple" in Kyoto. That is located in Arashiyama.)

Daruma-dera's Setsubun Festival >>

【What is Daruma】

Before introducing the Daruma temple, I'll explain about the Daruma.

This is the Daruma.
It have been popular as a lucky charm or toy.
In Japan, Anyone from adults to a children know the Daruma.

【Origin of Dharma is Dharma】

Daruma was made based on a real person.
The man is the Dharma who is practicing the Zen Buddhism. Dharma was flourished from the second half of the 5th century to the first half of the 6th century.

Dharma was born as a prince of India, but he became a priest.
After the ascetic practices about 40 years around, He went to China. He missioned Zen Buddhism for the first time in China.

A famous anecdote about Dharma was sitting in religious meditation to facing a wall for nine years.
This time, Dharma was wearing a coverlet for cold weather. Picture of Dharma is often drawn in this style.

This figure and legend of Dharma was transmitted to Japan with  Zen Buddhism.
It is said that the current round Daruma was born from this figure and legend.

There is another theory.
Dharma has a legend that his arms and legs was rotten and he lost his arms and legs because of the  religious meditation for nine years.

It is also said that Origin of Dharma is this Figure.

【Familiar Lucky charm for Japanese】

Why did Daruma became lucky charm?

There is a toy called "Okiagari-Koboshi (tumble doll)" in Japan. It is a toy that put a weight into the doll, and it returns to an upright position even if it tipped over.
Form of Okiagari-Koboshi is similar to the Daruma.

Wobbling was gradually confused with Daruma because Okiagari-Koboshi and Daruma are similar.

In this way, Daruma having a function of Okiagari-Koboshi was finished.
Red and white colors of the Daruma and the figure of Daruma which always get up were a good omen.
(In Japan,The combination of red and white is the color of Auspicious situation)

Thus,  Daruma became lucky charm.

【Used in Buddhist prayer】

Then, Daruma came to be also used in Buddhist prayer.
It is act to share of good luck from Dharma's an indomitable spirit.

How to Buddhist prayer.
Draw the eye with your hope. If your wish come true, draw the other eye.

Daruma which both eyes are drawn means someone's wishes come true.
Dharma has such history and  has been familiar to many people through the ages.

【Precinct is full of Daruma】

Name as the "Daruma-dera Temple", there is a Daruma everywhere in the precincts of this temple.
Enshrined Daruma seems to more than 8000.

Daruma statue

Around the this Daruma statue, Animals of the twelve Japanese zodiac signs are lined.
Pedestal is cinerarium for pets.

There are various Daruma on the roof.

Window is also Daruma.

Anyway, it is tremendous Daruma density.

【Daruma-do for enshrined Daruma】

This is the Daruma-do.

There is also Darumas at the entrance.

There is also Daruma on the roof.

There is also full of Daruma inside of the building.
These Daruma has been given to this temple when someone's wish come true.

There is also a Daruma on the ceiling!

This is the Daruma statue in the center.

I never get tired of looking at that.

Incidentally, my favorite Daruma is this.

I'll be happy with this smile :)

【Means of Chinese characters in Daruma-do】

There are a few characters at the entrance of the Daruma-do.
I will explain the meaning.


It means "When you fail many times, get up without giving up"
It is a figure itself of Dharma that survived the ascetic practices.

Ki ha nagaku, Kokoro ha maruku, Hara wo tatezuni, Hito ha Ookiku, Onore ha chiisaku

Chinese characters are written in the stomach of the Daruma. Character is oriented various directions.

This means

"be patient, have a tender heart, Without angry, be a tolerant person, Without self-assertive"

It seems this is teachings of Dharma.

【The garden is also beautiful】

The garden side of the main hall  is not widely. But green moss and trees is very beautiful.
Autumn leaves is also very beautiful in the fall.

Here is not the sightseeing spot of Kyoto.
However, here is a temple where can be spend the time with a smile surrounded by Dharmas.

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